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Auditory Integration Training (AIT) for Autism, CAPD, and Other Learning Disorders

What is AIT, or Auditory Integration Training? AIT uses filtered and modulated frequencies of music to help re-train the auditory system and normalize the way the brain processes information.

Auditory Integration Training

Auditory Integration Training is a ten-day program offered twice a day for 30 minutes in each session. It begins with an audiogram performed by an audiologist. The results of the audiogram are plugged into a machine that modulates the frequencies of music from a compact disc which the child listens to through a set of headphones.

After five days of the program, it’s back to the audiologist for an updated audiogram. The new numbers are plugged into the machine and new levels are set for the remaining five days of listening to music.

AIT is not “research-based” although there are decades of research behind it and 28 clinical studies. Because of this, most schools and speech and language therapists do not consider it a proper treatment. But talk to any parent or specialist that has seen it’s effectiveness and you’ll understand why AIT is one of the best programs available.

Who Can Benefit From AIT?

Children and Adults that suffer from:

  • Auditory Processing Disorder (APD or CAPD)
  • Aspergers Syndrome
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Dyslexia
  • Hyper-Sensitive Hearing
  • Sensory Integration Disorder
  • Non-verbal Learning Disorder (NLD)
  • and more…

Are There Any Side Effects to AIT?

It does not cause any damage to the ears or hearing. But many people react to the first few sessions in a variety of ways, such as becoming tired, overly stimulated, quiet, agitated, or more focused. After several sessions, emotions tend to normalize but results can be seen almost immediately.

AIT helps to normalize hearing across all frequencies, essentially “tuning the ears and brain” which helps to filter out noise that would otherwise be distracting to the child.

Auditory Integration Training should be on your short-list of therapies to consider for many learning disabilities.

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