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IEP Checklist iPhone App

How cool is this? The IEP Checklist iPhone App makes it easy for special needs parents to organize and keep track of their child’s IEP information. It was developed by the Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center and is the first iPhone App for special education.

If you’re like most parents (and we’re all guilty of this), you probably don’t do a good job of organizing your IEP meeting notes. Sure, the intent is there, but after every meeting you file away the notes and never look at them again until the next IEP. Or you forget where you put them completely. Sound familiar?

Now there’s a way to store them digitally with the IEP Checklist iPhone App. You can find more info and download the IEP Checklist App for Free from the iTunes Store.

Posted Monday, June 21st, 2010 by by Easy IEP Help, under Easy IEP Help, Individualized Education Program.

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