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IEP Team

The IEP Team for a child with a learning disability is comprised of the parents of the child, school administrators, and all school personnel involved with educating the child and working through any learning difficulties the child may have in school.0157

Parents of the Child

The parents know the child better than anybody on the team but so often, parents are confused about the specifics of the learning disability or what is involved in the IEP process. For these reasons, parents are sometimes intimidated and either don’t attend the IEP Meetings or have limited involvement when they do attend. It is of the utmost importance that parents attend and become involved in shaping the plan for their child.


This includes both regular curriculum classroom teachers and special education teachers. They see the child in the classroom setting every day and know the child’s strengths and weaknesses and how they fit into the classroom setting.

Individual Who Can Interpret Evaluation Results

This can include therapists (occupational or physical), school psychologist, nurse, or any person who has contact with the learning disabled child for either testing or regular activities or counseling. This person can interpret the myriad of evaluations and assessments for the IEP Team and help facilitate a clear action plan based on the results of the tests.

A Representative of the School System

This is usually a school Principal or Vice-Principal and they provide guidance and knowledge about the curriculum and educational requirements.

Others with Knowledge or Special Expertise About the Child

This can be a person invited by the parents who knows the child well or an advocate for the child and parents. The school may also invite an individual with special expertise related to the learning disability.

The Child

The learning disabled child is welcome to attend the meeting as part of the IEP Team. This can be difficult at a very young age but as they get older they can be integrated into the meetings at least for part of the meeting to gain insight into what they feel will best help them accomplish the IEP Goals and Objectives.

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