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Always Believe Your Kids – Even When What They Say is Unbelievable

Kids have a way of exaggerating or embellishing, especially when they want something, or rather, want to get out of something. Sometimes they will fake being sick so they don’t have to go to school. This can mean all kinds of things – they didn’t finish their homework, they didn’t study for a test, they are being bullied by other kids.

It’s difficult building a certain kind of trust and it gets more difficult as they get older. But it’s imperative to build that trust and it goes both ways. They must trust you and you must trust them.

It isn’t always easy and sometimes we stumble. But when we do, stand up, say so, and try to not let it happen again the next time. Hopefully, it won’t be too costly.

Moms are usually pretty good at tending to sick or injured kids. Dads take note – just because you were a tough-guy athlete in school it doesn’t make you an expert at diagnosing injuries. When your child says they broke their arm playing soccer, maybe they actually did.


It’s okay, we learn something new every day. Learning to believe your kids is an important first step. Because no matter how ridiculous it may sound, they just might be telling the truth.

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