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Learning Disability Strategies

School is about to start again after a much needed summer break. That means the beginning of IEP Season is near. Do you have your Learning Disability Strategies in place?

learning disability strategies

1) Keep good documentation of all school progress and non-progress.

2) Get to know your child’s teachers and let them know of any concerns or things to watch for in school.

3) Show up for the IEP and be involved. You as a parent are your child’s biggest advocate and know them better than anyone.

4) Work on healthy eating habits. This may be a no-brainer but good nutrition is for the body AND the brain. Studies have shown that a proper diet and some added extras like Omega-3s boost brain activity.

5) While you’re at it, make sure your child gets ample physical exercise to open and maintain pathways in the brain.

6) Due your diligence and learn everything you can about your child’s disability. It will pay off.

7) At the IEP, find out if the school or district offers any programs that your child is eligible to take such as Fast ForWord, PACE, Earobics, or any other programs that boost cognitive abilities.

8) Make sure your child gets adequate sleep.

9) Setup a quiet place to do homework.

10) Most of all, communicate with your child about the difficulties they may be having in school. These may be academic or social.

These are just some of the learning disability strategies you can utilize to ensure your child’s success in school. They may sound simple, and they are, but they need to be put into use to be effective.

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