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Learning Disabled Does NOT Mean Dumb

Just because a child has a learning disability, it does NOT mean they are dumb. On the contrary, many highly intelligent children and adults have learning disabilities.
learning disability does not mean dumb
There are daily posts online in forums and blogs from parents that want to remove their child from an IEP or 504. There are many reasons: pride, labeling, fear.

Get over it. Everybody needs help at some time in their life. Professional athletes practice every day and have special trainers to help them with their golf swing, throwing, shooting baskets, etc.

Professional actors still take acting classes or have a voice coach. Professional speakers read books and take classes for speaking. Golfers have “handicaps.” Do you think any of these “professionals” are afraid somebody will find out? No way, they rely on these tools to become better at their craft.

Children with learning disabilities may be smart as a whip but somewhere in their brain they have trouble decoding or doing multiple tasks at the same time like listening to a lecture and taking notes. They can do one really well but not both.

If you’re lucky enough to have somebody recognize that your child needs help, take it and milk it for all it’s worth. If it helps, all the better. Learn to level the playing field like the pros do.

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