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Race To Nowhere Film

I was fortunate to have a screening of the documentary film, “Race To Nowhere,” at our local high school. Many parents won’t be so fortunate as it probably won’t get a national theatrical release. And that’s a shame. But if you have kids in school at any age and it comes anywhere near you, make sure you get a seat.

Waiting For Superman” premiered in theaters last year. While the two films share some of the same problems all schools face, overall, they focus on different themes and play to different demographics. If one doesn’t hit home with you, the other probably will.

Waiting For Superman examines charter schools, teachers and unions, and dropout rates. Race to Nowhere takes a different approach and looks at the pressures parents and kids face with too much homework, getting into college, and the stress of being overworked.

Race To Nowhere points to the problems in education I’ve felt for years. They’re kids! Let them be kids for a little longer. Once they stop being kids, most of them will have plenty to be stressed about for the rest of their lives.

And while college is important, it isn’t everything in life. We place so much emphasis on getting into a great college that we fail to prepare them for life. Watching the film it appears we fail to prepare them for college as well.

What is most important is these two films, along with several others, have awakened a sleeping giant, and shine a spotlight on education in America. And it shows quite clearly that something is broken.

I’m now waiting for the film that outlines how we fix it. Working title, “Stop Teaching to the Test.”


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