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School Lunch Blog: Fed Up With Lunch

A school worker ate lunch every day in the school cafeteria for one year – 162 days – and blogged about it. The blog, Fed Up With Lunch, is written by an anonymous Mrs. Q who will reveal her identity later this year after she publishes a book about the project.

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The idea takes Julie and Julia to new levels. As parents, we’d all like to gain a little insight into what goes on at school with our kids. It’s great to join them for lunch every so often but an entire year of it may be pushing the limits.

The National School Lunch Program has been a hot topic for some time, and the documentary, Waiting For Superman, recently put the school system under a bright light.

Celebrity Chef, Jamie Oliver, has been on a campaign to infuse better lunches into schools across England and the United States. The LA Unified School District refused to allow him access into their schools to film his reality TV show but he’s had plenty of offers to visit private schools and others outside of the LA District’s boundaries.

Kudos for Mrs. Q for not only enduring an entire year of school lunches but also for giving us all a glimpse into the world of lunch at school. Best of luck on the book!

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