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Social Skills Goals and Objectives

Just getting past the homework and in-classroom workload is a chore for most kids with learning disabilities. Add to that, socializing and having a circle of friends that don’t make fun of them and it’s no wonder many kids don’t want to go to school.

An often overlooked aspect of the IEP by most parents is adding in Social Skills Goals and Objectives. You may be lucky enough to have a learning disabled child that does well in school but still has problems with social skills. Many kids do. Visit this in your IEP. Maybe all that’s needed is for the teachers to “monitor” their socialization. Write it in. If it needs to be stepped-up, take care of it in the next IEP or call a special meeting.

Richard Lavoie is an expert in the field of learning disabilities and has produced an excellent book and DVD for parents both called, “It’s So Much Work to Be Your Friend.”

Once you read or watch these, share them with your child’s teachers and other parents who have the same concerns. Getting a handle on your child’s social skills will do wonders for their confidence and self-esteem and remove part of the grind of going to school every day.

A great way to teach kids social skills is by video modeling. Model Me Kids® is a leader in the field of creating age-appropriate videos for teaching social skills.

Autism and Aspergers social skills training videos

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