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Two-Handed Bowler Told He’s Not Doing it Right – Wins State Title

So your child is a bit “unique.” Sometimes the labels are more like, odd, different, unorthodox, and you know the rest.

We’re ALL individuals with unique styles and traits. So why is it that “they” want to make us all like everybody else? This is true for kids in school, for athletes, for actors, musicians, yada yada yada.

There is some merit to following an established “proper” technique and form but if something is working, and working well, don’t change it.

Tim Wolchko is a junior in high school from New Jersey and he just won the New Jersey State high school bowling championship. There’s nothing odd about that. Until you find out he’s a two-handed bowler.

People have been telling him since he started bowling that he’s doing it all wrong. It was fine when he was five or six-years old but now that he’s older, “they” say he should be throwing it the right way – with one hand.

To Tim, this is the “right” way. And he shines at it. Still in high school, he’s already thrown eight perfect games. If I break 150 it’s a banner day.

The world is full of people like Tim Wolchko with unique ways of doing exceptional things. If your child is one of them, be like Tim’s dad and let them be. Encourage, don’t stifle, creativity and individuality. It may be their reason for success.

Hey Tim, congrats on the win!

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