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Redshirting Kindergartners?

Yes, parents and schools have been redshirting Kindergartners for some time now, and the numbers seem to be increasing.
Redshirting Kindergartners

There are numerous reasons for starting kids in school a year after eligibility – allowing them to mature, bumping their scholastic scores, or just making sure they’re ready to handle everything.

It was presented to us as an option but we didn’t think it was necessary. Many schools encourage it so they can score better on standardized tests. Now that our oldest is a senior in high school, I sure wish we would have opted in. We’d have an extra year before thinking about college.

For kids with learning disabilities, it may help and it may not. From a social standpoint, the extra year of maturity may be a boon, but the disability won’t disappear. Like everything, each child is different.

If you’re presented with the idea of holding your child back before beginning Kindergarten, there are many things to think about. To help, here’s a great article for some insight:

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