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Sculpture in the Park

Look at this colorful Sculpture in the Park and see if you can figure out what it is made out of…

Sculpture in the Park

Sculpture in the Park

Park Sculpture

Park Sculpture

Flip-Flop Sculpture

If you said “Flip Flops” you’re correct! It’s Flip Flop Art.

From a distance it looks like a colorful blob without any texture, like maybe it’s a blow-up display.

As you get closer you begin to notice more color, texture, and layering.

Curious, you can’t help but wonder what this is all about and you want to know more.

It’s only when you get really close and pay attention that you realize it isn’t what you thought it was. It’s actually something complex and creative, that required a lot of thought and creativity to make it special and unique.

Sound like any anybody you know?

On the surface or from a distance, things aren’t always what they appear to be. It’s only when you spend a little time getting to know something or somebody can you fully appreciate what they’re all about.

Like the sculpture in the park.

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