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Special Education Goals and Objectives

It’s funny when you think about it, but Special Education Goals and Objectives aren’t just for kids with learning disabilities. They’re equally important for parents too.
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We work so hard to create IEP goals and objectives that will help our child in school but we forget that we need to set some of the goals for OUTSIDE the classroom.

Kids with learning disabilities need a different kind of structure than kids without disabilities. They need fewer, but more precise instructions so that they don’t become overwhelmed and they need more regular routines. School is difficult enough and by the end of the day their brains are exhausted.

I know it’s still only July but I read a great post by another parent today and it has me thinking about school already. It’s titled, “Back to School with ADHD” and there is a list of ten ways to make school great this year for your ADHD child. You can find the post here.

It outlines what I consider some Special Education Goals and Objectives for both in and out of school.

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