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Do You Have Adult ADHD?

I ran across a quiz online the other day: Do You Have Adult ADHD?

Adult ADHD

I usually take these short online quizzes with a grain of salt. If they were all completely accurate I’d have several dozen serious afflictions based on my answers which are almost always a complete match for whatever they’re testing. Lucky me.

I fail so many ADD and ADHD online quizzes that I sometimes think I should have a proper assessment. Or is it because I get distracted online and always forget where I left my keys? I can’t remember.

Seeing this quiz the other day made me think about all the kids in school that are actually assessed with a real learning disability. Too many times I’ve witnessed one or both of the parents in denial that their child has a learning disorder.

There’s no shame in having a learning disability and most of the time it has no bearing on the intelligence of the child.

What most parents fail to realize is that if their child has a learning disability, chances are pretty good one of the parents ALSO has the same thing. It’s not always certain and it doesn’t follow suit for all disabilities, but the frequency is so high it warrants mention.

Again, there’s no shame in having a learning disability and it has no bearing on the intelligence of the parent.

When you think about it, most parents today wouldn’t know they have a learning disability since there wasn’t much testing when any of us were kids. Some of us struggled in school or we had friends that didn’t do well. We were aware of the problem but not the reason. We just thought school was difficult or boring, or both.

Looking at this in a positive light, when a child is diagnosed with a disability such as ADHD, the parent may have just received a clue they might have ADHD too. This could be a blessing for many parents to find out WHY they had problems in school and why they continue to have problems as an adult in the areas of concentration, fidgeting, forgetfulness or a whole host of other difficulties. The best part is it means they aren’t dumb.

It also means they can get help. Adult ADHD diagnosis has been around for some time now but it’s becoming more common. ADD, ADHD, and many other learning disabilities are carried over to adulthood. Those afflicted usually don’t outgrow them but they can overcome many of the problems associated with them.

Getting help not only affords some peace of mind but it can also help to understand what your child is going through. At the same time, it is something you can work on together.

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