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Causes of Learning Disability

What are the Causes of a Learning Disability? The short answer: nobody knows for sure.

There are some theories about what causes learning disabilities but for now they’re just theories. It is known that learning disabilities tend to run in families and some children mature at slower rates than others.

It is also known that some symptoms are commonly related to learning disabilities such as poor reading and spelling, reading and writing reversal, hyperactivity, confusion with instructions, poor organizational and social skills, and sequencing problems among others.

For concerned parents, it’s important to realize that there is NOT a correlation between learning disabilities and intelligence. Many children with learning disabilities have higher than average intelligence.

It’s also important to note that children with learning disabilities need special attention to be successful in school. A proper assessment is an important first step followed by an IEP. Parents too often make the mistake of not wanting an IEP for their child because they think their child is too bright to need one. If it is offered, take it.

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