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Learning Disability Centers

Learning Disability Centers for children with disabilities don’t get the credit or exposure they deserve.

A child struggling in school may get help from a tutor. If the child does NOT have a learning disability, the tutor may be the only thing needed for the child to catch up with the school work. But if the child HAS a learning disability, tutoring will not help much because it only focuses on the the school work, not the reason the child is struggling (the disability).

Children with disabilities are usually given an IEP which will offer special education provided by the school and district. This is a great first step because the school work will be modified to suit the child so that they can find some modicum of success. But this still does NOT address the disability and ways to overcome it.

Learning Disability Centers on the other hand focus on the root of the problem (the disability) and use specialized programs that will “diagnose and treat” the disability. They don’t “work around it” like special education or miss it completely like tutoring.

There are many learning disability centers and programs across the country. Many of them are specialized to work with one or two programs which focus on only one or two learning disabilities.

One of the most comprehensive learning disability centers in the United States is The Learning Gym in Manhattan Beach, California, near Los Angeles.
The Learning Gym in Manhattan Beach, California

The Learning Gym is one of the few learning disability centers that offers a complete arsenal of programs including SOI, Fast ForWord, Enlisten, PACE, AIT, Vision Training, Earobics, and other specialized programs.

The advantage of offering so many programs is that many of them work together. And understanding which programs should be used and in what order they should be used is often more important than simply working with one of them in isolation. There is more information about The Learning Gym’s services on their website:

The most important thing to remember is that Learning Disability Centers isolate the causes and treatments for learning disabilities that are not addressed by tutoring or special education in schools. To get to the root of the learning disability, seek out a Learning Disability Center near you to see if they offer programs or services that are a match for your child.

Many learning disabilities are for life. Kids don’t usually outgrow them and it is invaluable to treat them as early and with as many programs as possible to ensure the success of your child not only in school but for the rest of their life.

p.s. – Summer is a great time to take advantage of programs offered by learning disability centers. The kids are out of school so they have more time to concentrate and the work will keep their brains sharp until school begins in the Fall.

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