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What Are Your Strengths?

A friend of mine has an extremely positive outlook on life. When a co-worker told him her son has Autism he replied, “That’s great! What are his strengths?”

He wasn’t being mean or ignorant or indifferent. He really meant it. He, and many of us understand that when something is misplaced or lacking in one area, something else or some other area is almost always heightened.

I ran across the following video that shows many successful people that had a difficulty in some area of their life but compensated for it and went on to greatness later in life.

Not all of these people had learning disabilities but they all struggled with something.

When the brain under-performs in a region, it usually over-performs in another region to provide a balance.

The brain also has plasticity which means it can be shaped and changed throughout life. What is happening or not happening right now may change over time.

If you or somebody you know has a weakness or difficulty with something, try to find the strength that balances out the weakness. Look for the positives and don’t dwell on the negatives.

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