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Chocolate Milk in Schools – Infographic

I remember the debate about chocolate milk in schools was heating up at the end of the school year this last Spring. On the one hand I get it – more sugar than white milk. But it still has all of the goodness that white milk has and some kids only drink chocolate milk. I know, I was one of them when I was a kid in school.

Banning soda from schools seemed a bit more reasonable than banning chocolate milk but one has to wonder what’s next? Will fruit be gone because it has too much sugar?

Being an infographic junkie, I was happy to find this one outlining the Facts About Chocolate Milk in Schools.

Chocolate Milk in Schools  Infographic

We’re making great strides across the board on nutrition and this infographic shows that chocolate milk has 38% less sugar than it did five years ago. Way to go milk! If we can keep inching forward with food and nutrition, our kids will reap the benefits.

Next, we need to find a way to help them be more active, but I haven’t found that infographic yet. Stay tuned…

For more info on this infographic visit: DailyInfographic.com

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