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Lunchbox Ideas – Banana Notes

While I haven’t tried writing on a banana with a Biro pen yet, I’ve been making Banana Notes for my kids with a toothpick for a while now.

I used to leave little notes on napkins when I’d pack a lunchbox or send snacks to school with the kids. Leaving lunchbox notes on bananas is much more fun.

Lunchbox Ideas - Banana Notes

The easiest way is to use a toothpick and very lightly trace letters or draw pictures on the skin of a banana. Don’t scrape hard or deep, just start writing and you’ll see the letters form. After a while the letters will turn brown. The banana under the skin won’t be bruised and you’ll get your message across.

It’s probably best to do this the night before when the kids are asleep and they won’t see you doing it. When they open their lunch the next day they’ll see your banana notes.

I’ve seen more than a few articles for banana notes written with a Biro pen and that’s up next for testing. For now, a toothpick works great and the kids actually like it.

While you’re at it, try writing the weekly spelling words on bananas, or better yet, have the kids write them on bananas. They’ll get practice writing the words and they’ll see them again when they eat them. It might be a great way to improve their spelling. Talk about eating your words.

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