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“Bath Salts” – Legal Drug That Could be Fatal

“Bath Salts” are currently legal, sold online and in head shops, and could be fatal. The latest drug that goes by the names, Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky, Pure Ivory, Purple Wave, Charge+, Ocean Burst, Cloud Nine, and Sextacy, is a hit because it can’t be detected by drug tests and is not illegal…yet.

The powdery substance has similar properties to cocaine or ecstasy and has shown to be fatal in a variety of circumstances. The high can last up to eight hours with feelings of physical and mental stimulation, sexual arousal, and intense energy. The negative effects include a rapid heart, paranoia, muscle twitch and breathing difficulties.

Bath Salts have resulted in deaths here and abroad. Not much is known about this new drug yet but it is already being banned in several countries and so far in Louisiana.

Talk to your kids to see if they know anything about it and to let them know that it can be far more dangerous than anybody realizes.

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