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Child Safety Recalls and The Power of the Internet

It’s taken far longer to get around to this than expected but when you have one child graduating from high school and preparing for college and another in middle school, sometimes life gets in the way of writing blog posts. Summer takes its toll as well, but that’s another story.

Anyway, I received a really nice email back in May from Ryan & Rachel who are expecting their first child. By now they may have already had the baby and if so, my sincerest belated Congratulations!

They said they were shopping for baby cribs and wondered if I had seen a recall on “ducduc Cribs,” which I had not. For those in the market for a new crib, here’s the link to the recall:

For more recalls from Consumer Affairs visit:

When my oldest daughter was born, it was early in 1993. I had a Prodigy account and an AOL account. Most of the time was spent chatting and checking the weather. By the end of that year there were 623 websites worldwide. Woo-hoo! Not a whole lot to do but it didn’t matter, it was revolutionary.

Child Safety Recalls

By the middle of 1994 when I started learning how to build websites the number of sites had “ballooned” to around 2700. Things were getting really interesting. We now had the Amazing FishCam, Yahoo, Lycos, and one of the first websites I ever created for my daughter, Madison’s World (it wasn’t much of a website and was only updated once in 1996 so I had to visit it to see if it was still up…it is).

Fast-forward to today and what we see doesn’t look anything like it did less than 15 years ago. Today, we get real-time reporting of everything that happens on the planet. Follow the right Twitter feed and you can almost hear about an earthquake before the shockwaves hit your house.

Most of the time this is really great stuff, especially for parents and parents-to-be. Need medical advice? Google it. Want to know where your kids are right now? Ping them via text, email, Twitter, Facebook…

As parents, we worry about everything that can happen to our children. Sometimes we worry so much we lose sleep over it, wondering if they’re doing okay in school, if they have issues with bullies, if it’s safe for them to bike or walk to school without an adult, are they eating the right kinds of food. And for some, do they have learning difficulties that cause struggles in school.

But today, we have the internet and with it comes access to information and resources that previously took hours or days to find. And that brings a slice of sanity and relief to all the parents who worry so much, but can now find the answer to at least some of their worries and fears.

Just ask Ryan & Rachel. I have no idea how they found my little corner of the web, or even the crib recall link. Probably Google. But I’m grateful they did because it means somebody is reading and sharing valuable information with other parents who might also need it.

That whole, “it takes a village…” idea really does have some merit when it comes to raising kids. Probably two-thirds of what I learned about parenting was through the daily experience of having kids. The other third is divided between the internet and the help and advice from other parents. Share what you know and don’t be afraid to ask when you don’t know.

BTW, for anybody interested in finding out more about other product recalls, visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission at:

Or for a list of all recalls (not including toys) visit:

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