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NASA Earth Day Video Contest 2011

NASA Earth Day Video Contest 2011

NASA is having an Earth Day Video Contest to celebrate Earth Day 2011.

NASA encourages short submissions in the 2 to 3 minute range, or 30 seconds if you feel you can do it. I tried for a 30-second version just to see what is possible. Videos should use images from NASA’s Earth imagery collection, which are freely available to the public.

I hope schools get involved and create student-produced videos playing to the imaginations of the kids.

The contest ends May 27, 2011 so there’s still plenty of time to create Earth Day videos for submission.

Details are available on the NASA website at: www.nasa.gov

Follow on Twitter at #NASAEarthVid or @NASA and @NASAGoddard.

Thanks to NASA for their great images and for inspiring kids everywhere.

Happy Earth Day!

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