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Does Your School Have a High Walk Score?

Parents of kids with learning disabilities are often looking for schools that best meet the needs of their children. The most important criteria are usually school resources and availability of services.

But maybe only one of your kids needs services and a new school choice should also fit the needs of ALL members of the family. Walkability to school should also be a consideration, especially if you live in an urban area where buses and transportation to school is minimal. And walking promotes healthy brains.

Walk Score is a website with the main purpose to help homebuyers find out if an address is within easy walking distance to the area school and promote walkable neighborhoods.

Walk Score is easy to use. Simply plug in an address and it shows the walk score (out of 100) for that address. It also shows public transportation for the area, local parks, restaurants and other shops, and a comparison of your walk score to others in the district.

In Beta is a Street Smart Walk Score that can calculate your score using different walking routes.

It’s difficult finding the “right” school, but tools like Walk Score are making it easier to do the research to find that perfect match.

For more info, visit the website at: www.WalkScore.com

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