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Small Changes Lead To Success

McDonalds nutrition - a burger and a salad

Some people will look at this and say, “Yeah!” Others will simply groan. I consider it a challenge.

A few years ago that burger would have had a side of fries instead of a salad. And they would have been smothered in cheese. Nowadays I opt for the salad. It may be a small change, but it’s going in the right direction. Did I mention I only eat half and save the rest for later. Go me.

I like to use food as an example because it’s my biggest weakness…and challenge. For others, school/learning is their biggest challenge and unfortunately, it’s just as important as food.

For those who struggle with reading it can feel like their entire world is one big impossible task. But taking it slowly and mastering small changes will lead to a big success. Nobody learns to read overnight, not even good readers. It takes practice and effort. Eventually it sinks in. And then it builds.

This applies to any endeavor, whether it’s an exercise program, a diet/weight program, learning a computer program, etc. Just get started and take it a little at a time.

No matter who you are or what you do, there is always something that presents as a challenge. Athletes must overcome other players with better skills. Actors must hone their craft and learn new skills like dialect or singing.

Life is an experience and a learning one at that. You don’t have to eat the whole burger at once to enjoy it. You just have to be willing to take it a little at a time and move forward in the right direction.

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